Student and Staff ID Cards

Keeptrak has a subsidiary business unit called Keeptrak Integrated Card Services (ICS) that provides Student and Staff ID Cards design and manufacturing services.

We started this business since we were frustrated by the many difficulties we faced in getting good quality ID cards made for our school customers and we believed that with our learnings about the challenges and the ID cards printing processes, we could do better.

ICS's goal is to provide the highest quality ID cards to schools and other organizations.

ICS's services include professional photography on campus, data entry, card printing and reprints ordering (for lost or damaged cards) and data management.

ICS manufactures four different types of ID cards:

1. Non-RFID ID Cards

2. RFID ID Cards

3. WiFi ID Cards

4. GPS ID Cards

For each of the above type of cards, ICS also provides customization options like card holders, lanyards, lanyard and overlay/ emboss printing etc.

ICS can provide ID cards with or without Keeptrak's services. ICS will also enable you to ensure compatibility of new ID cards with your existing attendance, payments and library systems.

All cards are manufactured from 100% virgin (non-recycled) plastic and other good quality non-toxic materials. Cards are printed using specially formulated UV resist inks that do not fade or become diffused with time.

ICS also offers all customers free access to CardTrak - which is a specially developed software that makes ID card ordering process extremely easy.

Via our CardTrak software, you can order 1 or 1000 cards at the click of a button and get delivery the very next day. This software directly connects to the printing press and enables real-time printing.

Call or SMS ICS team at +91-977-35-34567 or via email on and we will quickly have an expert from our team contact you to help you with your ID cards.

Keeptrak has direct presence in 55 cities and has channel partners in 49 cities and we are working on expanding availability of our services in other geographies.

If you'd like to talk to us, Please feel free to Call or SMS us on +91-977-35-34567 or email us on and we'll be happy to provide you all possible information.

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