Access Control System (KAC 700)

KAC 700 Access Control device which is wireless and cloud based, simply restricts and de-restricts
the employee's entry and exits from the main office/branch. Access rights can be assigned to the
employee from the central office for all the branches thereby saving on branch-wise coordination.

Ideal for factories, construction sites, make-shift operations where there are abundant employees / workers. This device has no physical buttons or fancy gadgetry for the users to fiddle with. Simply plug it on and it’s ready for use.

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Whether it’s the Chairman’s cabin or the server room, if you have a door, we can control it. Simply, tap the RFID card on the reader to open the door.

The privileges are granted centrally through our cloud-based software for every employee to various sections in multiple branches. A single command can restrict/de-restrict employees access in all branches.

Whether you want only IT admin to enter the server room or you want to restrict office boys to enter the storage room, it is possible with our cloud-based access control systems and softwares.