Keeptrak is uniquely present in two high growth businesses - tracking and education. We have experienced over 10x growth over the last 12 months and to continue this growth we are building sustainable partnerships with individuals and companies.

We've been able to create a high quality network of 22 channel partners (KRPs) and 6 technology partners (KTPs). We intend to have 40 partners by the end of the year.

Keeptrak offers two models of high growth partnerships:

(1) Keeptrak Reseller Partner

We welcome partnership inquiries from individuals and companies with strong experience in working with technology and related products and solutions for school or corporate/ industrial customers.

In addition to products for the education segment (schools, coaching classes and colleges), we also have a wide range of tracking solutions and related products for corporate, automotive and industrial segments. This unique mix of offerings enables our partners to be active throughout the year and not just during the school session.

Keeptrak provides complete hand-holding and support at all stages.

Keeptrak has created exceptional back-end infrastructure to train and support partners on an ongoing basis. Most of the internal processes are automated by software and learning modules about new and existing products are available anywhere via secured login.

We currently have direct presence in 25 cities and channel partners in 22 cities and are in the process of expanding to 50 cities by September 2012.

Keeptrak provides a very unique opportunity for partners to earn a stable, recurring income.

We look for 3 essential qualities – domain experience, financial capability and ethics.

(2) Keeptrak Technology Partner

Keeptrak has spent a significant amount of time, effort and money in solving some tough technical problems on both the hardware as well as the software side to create a reliable tracking platform.

Our platform supports a variety of hardware devices like GPS receivers, RFID readers, sensors etc. You can also easily add things like SMS and missed call based actions. All of the software interfaces are also available as an easy to integrate XML/ JSON API.

In addition to hardware and software R&D, Keeptrak has also created very detailed internal processes for ensuring fast and on-time implementation at any location across the country, maintaining consistent customer experience and maintaining overall quality.

Keeptrak's technology partner programme provides access to all our unique hardware, software and processes and enables our partners to succeed at building their own end applications on top of our platform. This enables accelerated time to market, near 100% uptime and extremely low entry cost. Keeptrak provides ongoing technical training, hand-holding, application co-development support and hosting.

So if you are contemplating building the next innovative tracking or education centric (learning, evaluation, ERP) application, do talk to us, we may be able to help you build it at a fraction of the cost and enable you to hit the market sooner.

For further information on partnership opportunities

Please send us your brief profile by email at

Please include your current line of business, brands currently represented (if any), FY 2011-12 turnover and number of employees.

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