Keeptrak School System

Keeptrak School System (earlier known as ChildTracker) is an innovative first-in-the-world offering from us. 

Student Tracking using RFIDThis service has been designed after extensive research conducted with 280+ schools and more than 2000 parents across the country. Today, the service is live in schools across 25 cities across India and serves thousands of parents.

We carefully evaluated feedback from these schools and parents and understood their key pain areas; the result is a state-of-the-art service that solves some of the most painful problems for schools, management and parents.

The only fully integrated system of its kind in the world that offers school bus tracking, student & staff attendance tracking, two way interactive messaging and a comprehensive school management system.

Automated Bus Arrival AlertsBusTrak ensures that parents never have to wait for the school bus by sending them an SMS a few minutes before the arrival of their child’s bus.

Parents can also query the real-time location of their school bus by a simple free-of-cost missed call.

Schools can track the real-time and historical location of the bus on a detailed map and also get over-speeding alerts. The service also offers attendance on boarding the bus and links it to an emergency-SOS feature and to school attendance. So if the bus is late, the child is not marked late.

Every bus also gets its own twitter account where it tweets its real-time location! Parents who do not want SMS alerts can simply follow their bus’ twitter account and get the location and route information.


Student tracking using RFID and automated arrival alertsAttendanceTrak ensures complete peace of mind for parents by sending them an SMS as soon as their child enters or exits from the school.

The service also greatly reduces overhead for the school by eliminating the need for roll call and paper attendance.

A web interface for parents provides historic attendance data in a useful format and helps ensure that their child does not fall short of attendance requirements.


Innovative two way messaging system for schoolsMessageTrak enables the school to communicate with parents, students and staff members via SMS, Twitter, Facebook, web and email. All of this via a single easy to use interface.

The facility is available round the clock and is also accessible from the teacher or principal’s phone so if there is an important announcement to be made – it can be made from anywhere – even without access to a computer and internet.

What’s more is that the system is two way - parents can also reply to the messages with their comments or inputs and those get updated on the school’s secure web interface.


Comprehensive school management system CampusTrak is a comprehensive school management system built under the guidance of school principals and tightly integrated with our student, staff and school bus tracking systems.

Handles everything from admissions to results and provides useful features for students, parents, teachers and the principal.

Students can check schedule and exam results, browse for books in library, and download learning materials.

Parents can monitor the attendance, exam performance and important announcements.

Teachers can get student attendance; manage teaching materials, grade assignments and exams.

Principal can monitor all activities including staff attendance, admissions, lecture schedule, learning materials, track important documents and set exams and grading policies.

Student and Staff ID CardsKeeptrak ID Cards Manufacturing Services

Keeptrak has a subsidiary business called Keeptrak Integrated Card Services (ICS).

We started this business since we were frustrated by the difficulties in getting good quality ID cards for our schools and we thought that we could do better.

ICS's goal is to provide the highest quality ID cards to schools and other organizations.

ICS's services include photography on campus, data entry, card printing and reprints ordering (for lost or damaged cards) and data management.

ICS manufactures four different types of ID cards - 1. Non-RFID 2. RFID 3. WiFi and 4. GPS

For each of the above type of cards, ICS provides free-of-cost options like card holders, lanyards, lanyard printing etc.

ICS can provide ID cards with or without Keeptrak's services. ICS will also enable you to ensure compatibility of ID cards with your existing attendance, payments and library systems.

All cards are manufactured from 100% virgin (non-recycled) plastic and other good quality non-toxic materials. Cards are printed using specially formulated UV resist inks that do not fade or become diffused with time.

ICS also offers all customers free access to CardTrak which is a custom developed software that makes ID card ordering process extremely easy. Via this software, you can order 1 or 1000 cards at the click of a button and get delivery the very next day. This software directly connects to the printing press and enables real-time printing.

You can contact ICS at

I run a school, how can I avail of your services?


There are two key things to know:


First: There is absolutely *no* investment required from the school or from the parents.

Keeptrak invests in and creates all the required infrastructure for the services - including ID cards, sensors, GPS devices, servers, software and training.

The school can pick-and-choose from a 'menu' of 26 individual services or subscribe to one of the readymade 'service packs'. Keeptrak charges a nominal fee on a per-student-per-month basis. The fee depends on the services chosen.


Second: We provide complete hand-holding to schools to implement our services.

Keeptrak has created world-class infrastructure to support our school customers and parents in every possible manner. We have our implementation and service engineers present across the country, we have a call-centre for supporting schools and individual parents and we have a dedicated team specializing in training teachers and school management on our products.


Call us on +91-9967-34-33-32 or email us on and we will help you with the process.

I am an individual parent, what can you do for me?


Two things:


First: Keeptrak provides a range of devices that individual parents can choose from and buy at a one-time cost.

These devices will allow the parent to monitor the real-time whereabouts of their child and also get automated alerts based on certain pre-set conditions.

We also sell a low-cost device that parents can plug into their car and monitor the speed, location, stoppage of the car.


Second: We can talk to your child's school to implement our services there.

If the school decides to go ahead you will *not* need to invest in any device and you will get all of the above features (BusTrak, AttendanceTrak, MessageTrak, CampusTrak) at a nominal per-child-per-month cost.

If you'd like us to talk to your school, please call or send us an email and we will immediately initiate contact with your school to implement our full range of services. If you can make an introduction to your school that would be even better.


Call us on +91-9967-34-33-32 or email us on and we will help you with the process.

Looking for partnership opportunities?

We welcome partnership inquiries from individuals and companies with strong experience in working with technology and related products and solutions for schools, coaching classes, colleges and other educational institutions.

We also have products and services for corporate and industrial segments.

Please see the Partners page for more information.

Need more information?

Keeptrak has direct presence in 25 cities and has channel partners in 22 cities. We're committed to be in 50 cities before the end of the year.

You can expect a faster response if you fill-in the contact form on the Contact page.

If you'd like to talk to us, Please feel free to call us anytime on +91-9967-34-33-32 and we'll be happy to provide you all possible information.

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