Keeptrak provides its enterprise and large business customers with fully managed tracking services. The customer provides a brief on what assets, people or parameters need to be tracked/ monitored or controlled and Keeptrak provides a complete tracking/ telemetry solution as a managed service.

Some of our services are

Keeptrak School System - provides tracking and alerts to parents of school going children. Ensures security of kids and peace of mind for parents. Created after research across 280+ schools across the country.

GPS Tracking System - we currently provide GPS tracking service for schools, retail supply chain, cash management and employee performance monitoring applications.

Enterprise Messaging System - an SMS and GPRS technology based messaging system for teams of all sizes. Send SMS, SMS-to-Email, SMS-to-Fax etc. You send an SMS and the receiver gets the message via their preferred medium (SMS, Email, Web or Fax). Send to one person or a large group.