Keeptrak for Enterprise

Keeptrak provides highly customized and fully managed GPS, RFID and IoT based solutions.

Keeptrak's experienced team brings together capabilities in three key areas:

    Hardware design and manufacturing (GPS, RFID and
    these wireless technologies GSM, LoRaWAN, WiFi, ZigBee, ANT and Bluetooth 4.0

    Software (Maps, Analytics, ML and IoT)

    Business consulting (Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Consumer Durables and Health-care)

Keeptrak has over the years created a broad IP portfolio that helps us create differentiated solutions for our customers with a short development cycle.

We have worked with industry leaders such as Reliance Industries, Mahindra & Mahindra, Hinduja Group and Eureka Forbes on their tracking and IoT projects.

We also work with a large number of SME customers in India and a few other countries for vehicle tracking, employee tracking and IoT implementations.

Few of our recent projects

Specially designed for tracking "market trucks" which cannot be fitted with a permanent GPS device*

(*cannot be fitted with GPS primarily due to cost considerations and also due to challenges around reverse logistics of the tracking device).

Our deployed solution:

    Costs just a few INR per-trip-tracked, completely eliminates reverse logistics of the tracker device

    Helps a large manufacturing company track ~ 2,200 vehicles per month (mostly long-distance trucks) in real-time

    Provides secured role-based access to maps and reports for various stakeholders like logistics(consignor), marketing, sales, transporter, end-customer (consignee).

Plus there's integration with ERP and real-time alerts via SMS and Email for exceptions (unscheduled stoppage, route-deviation, delay).

This solution uses Machine Learning to predict potential trip delays and can learn from all current and previous trips to account for varying road-conditions (like broken road patches during monsoons; potential for traffic jams).
We are helping them monitor and control Temperature and Humidity across 300+ storage locations
(storage temperature range is between -20 deg C to +8 deg C).

Keeptrak specially designed and manufactured the wireless sensors for this application (with dual connectivity - WiFi + GSM), data is communicated to the SensorTRAK application in real-time.

The SensorTRAK application uses machine learning to predict upcoming temperature and humidity exception events well in advance and generates real-time SMS, Email and APP Notification alerts to predefined team members; thereby helping the client save irreplaceable clinical samples and expensive wet-chemistry re-agents.

There is a set of web and mobile APPs for the Client's team to access and monitor sensor data (graphs, reports, exception alarms);

The solution also enabled one-click generation of compliance reporting for all their locations.
Keeptrak's custom designed wireless attendance machines (RFID + Fingerprint biometrics with in-built W-WAN connectivity) were deployed across 180 offices and the solution went live in less than 6 weeks including manufacturing, installation across all locations in India, employee registration and end-user training.

The only requisite from the client organization in terms of site preparation was provision of a electric power socket. The machines have a built-in UPS for up to 8 hours of backup and are designed to IEC IP66K specifications to withstand harsh environments.

Individual employees who are working from the field can also securely mark their out-of-office attendance from the included smart-phone APPs.

Reporting happens at the Branch Office as well as Corporate Office level.

The AttendanceTRAK software was customized to interface with the client organization's existing HRMS and Payroll systems.
The client approached us to discuss any potential solutions that we could offer for better management of their countrywide sales and service team

After a lot of discussions around the acceptability, non-intrusiveness and user friendliness of a tracking solution in such a unique situation, Keeptrak helped create a completely new multi-technology tracking solution that enabled the client's HR, Administration, Accounts and Service teams to track the location and travel history of all their people on the field.

This solution is now helping the client offer better and time-definite service guarantees to their end customers, it also assists in quick data-backed reconciliation and audit of all travel and related reimbursements.

The solution was also interfaced with the client organization's existing HRMS and service CRM systems.
All movable assets, all in- and out- patients and all staff members are tracked on a 3D real-time map of the facility.

There is a real-time location search function for any asset or staff member.

There are infection-control and hygiene protocols monitoring tools based on RFID.

The tracking solution is interfaced to one of the world's leading hospital ERP systems.
Client approached Keeptrak with a business problem - they were losing revenue to counterfeit consumables.

Keeptrak designed a unique, highly secure RFID based solution to their counterfeit consumables problem.

Keeptrak's low cost embedded compute module along with a custom designed RFID reader were embedded into the end product (which uses the consumable bottles); each consumable bottle was tagged with RFID at the manufacturing plan.

The compute module provided fool-proof anti-counterfeit measures and helped the client stop losses on their consumables revenue.

The software part of the solution was customized to interface with the client's manufacturing ERP and field service management CRM.

Some other ready to deploy solutions available from us

    Location Tracking:

    Field Employee Attendance and Location Tracking

    Vehicle Tracking - Track a mix of vehicles - 2 wheelers, cars, trucks and heavy equipment


    RFID Based Finished-goods Warehouse Management

    RFID e-Seal for Shipping Containers

    RFID e-Seal for Utility Energy Meters

    In-Office Technology:

    Smart Lighting: Based on WiFi Mesh Network

    IoT Based Energy Measurement and Management (Lighting, HVAC)

    Meeting Room Occupancy Sensor

    Attendance Tracking for Small or Satellite Offices

    RFID Based Laptop Tracking for Offices

    In-Premises Technology:

    Visitor Safety & In-building Location Tracking

    Smart Parking: RFID and IoT based Parking Slot Occupancy Tracking

    Technology Package for Smart Cities:

    Keeptrak has developed a reliable, self-healing WiFi mesh protocol on top of 802.11n

    This is ideally suited for high-reliability, low-power, low-bandwidth applications like for smart city IoT

    Street Lighting: Reliable, City Wide Wireless Lighting Control Based on WiFi Mesh Network

    Smart Parking: RFID and IoT based City Wide Parking Slot Occupancy Tracking

    Smart Dust Bin: An IoT based retro-fit kit which can be installed onto any existing dustbin

    Special Projects:

    Leak Detection and IoT based Remote Monitoring for High-pressure Gas Pipelines

For further information

Let's start a discussion via email at or you can speak to one of our team members over phone at +91-977-35-34567.