Wireless Attendance System (WAS 700T)

WAS 700T is an attendance device fit for corporate houses, showrooms, small & large multi-location offices pan India. It houses a big 7 inch touch sensitive LCD screen for displaying a variety of information about the employees. On tapping the smart card, the screen displays the employee’s picture along with his biographic details and his attendance time.

The messages can be custom configured. Further, if you have multi-location offices, you do not need to synchronize the attendance data manually. Keeptrak cloud based software collates branch-wise attendance records and displays the same to the HR from the same login.

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WAS 700T will record the IN time, LATE time & OUT time when the RFID card is pressed against it. It captures the attendance along with employee details and wirelessly transfers it to our servers in USA and Singapore. Our algorithms will arrange all attendance records in various formats for your reference.

SMS goes to the employee:
“Dear Ram, you entered office at 10:05:00. You’re late by 5 minutes.”

While leaving, another SMS goes to the employee:
“Dear Ram, you left office at 18:00:00."

If required, the supervisor will also get an SMS for late arrival as well as early departure:
“Dear Shyam, Ram has reached office at 10:05:00. He is late by 5 minutes.”
“Dear Shyam, Ram has left office at 18:00:00.”

Simultaneously, the system updates the employee’s attendance record on the online attendance interface provided by Keeptrak to every client. The top level management / HR can make use of the online interface accessible by a PC or a Smartphone to check today’s records, historical records and monthly roster based records of their employees in real time from any part of the world.